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rLab Projects

Projects seeking members/leaders

  • Refit sink area in main workshop - Leader sought
  • Refit the main room upstairs - Vance-B and Tony-S Leading
  • Redecorate the toilets - Leader sought

Projects in progress

  • Induction updates - At the moment we've got a bit of a bottleneck on inductions and are seeking to expand the range of people able to give them.
  • Project COVID - rLab's efforts to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic

Permanently ongoing projects

  • A new clock for the kitchen that'll also serve as a showcase for the manufacturing techniques available at rLab

Member Projects

Historic Projects

These projects are completed and no longer looking for help, much older projects may be moved to the archive

Projects are for/about the hackspace it's self should be located under /Projects/<projectname> , pages about personal projects are welcome and encouraged and should be located as a sub-page of your user page. Both types should use the tag [[Category:Projects]] so that they appear on this page