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Electronics Benches


The lab electronics benches. Used for design, prototyping, construction and repair of all manner of electronics and small electrical items.

Please feel free to use tools on the benches or elsewhere in rLab, but always return things to their original location.

Current Status

Date Status Comment
3rd October 2020 Fully Functional No reported problems

More work is planned to bring in additional tools and consumables, and sort out where everything will live, however the benches are fully operational.


None of the tools listed here require induction before they can be used.

User manuals (where available) are linked from the individual tool pages.

Please post on the rLab Google Group if you want help in learning how to use any of the tools or advice on how to approach a particular problem.

Tools live on both the benches. Common tools such as soldering equipment, power supplies, oscilloscopes and multimeters should be on both benches with the less frequently used tools available to either bench. Small parts, cables, and accessories are stored in the boxes on the shelf above the benches.

Both benches have a standard selection of hand tools, including screwdrivers, pliers, cutter and wire strippers available.

Tool Name Photo Purpose
Qinsi QS-5100 Reflow soldering oven Qinsi qs-5100.jpg Soldering surface mount circuit boards
AT858D Reflow soldering station Atten 858d.jpg Reworking surface mount boards. Controlled hot air source
Hotplate Hotplate.jpg Pre-heating surface mount boards before soldering or rework
ZD-8915 Desoldering station Zd-8915.jpg Desoldering components
uCurrent Gold precision current shunt Ucurrent.jpg Precise current measurements
BattLab-One IOT Battery Life Estimator BattLabOne.png Measures wake and sleep current draw and estimates the battery life of different battery types based on their discharge profiles
Component tester Component tester.jpg Identifying and testing small components
Beagle USB 480 Analyser Beagle 480.jpg USB Protocol Analyser
Decade Boxes Decade boxes.jpg Precise resistance and capacitance test boxes
Fluke 8846a Bench multimeter Fluke 8846a.jpg General measurements
Handheld multimeters Multimeters.jpg General measurements
GW Instek GPS-4303 quad channel PSU Gps-4303.jpg Variable DC power source
Tenma 72-13310 triple channel PSU Tenma 72-13310.jpg Variable DC power source
Tenma 72-2925 single channel PSU Tenma 72-2925.jpg Variable DC power source
HP 8714B RF network analyser Hp 8714B.jpg Radio frequency spectrum analyser
HP 8647A RF signal generator Hp 8647a.jpg Radio frequency signal generator
Thurlby Thandar TF820 Frequency meter Tf820.jpg Frequency measurement
GW Instek SFG-2110 Function generator Sfg-2110.jpg Waveform generater
Rigol DS1104z Plus Oscilloscope / function generator / logic analyser Rigol ds1104z plus.jpg Waveform measurement, generation, logic analyser and protocol analyser
GW Instek GDS-2204 quad channel oscilloscope Gds-2204.jpg Waveform measurement
Tektronix 2235 dual channel analogue oscilloscope Tektronix 2235.jpg Waveform measurement
Zeroplus LAP-C logic analyser Zeroplus logic cube.jpg Logic analyser
Brother PT-E550WSP label printer E550WSP.jpg Label Printer
3KVA Isolating Transformer Isolationtrx.jpg 3KVA isolation transformer for use with equipment that's suspect to have mains faults. Recommended for use only by people with suitable experience/training as it's possible to create dangerous situations with this device.
6A Variac 6AVariac.jpg 6A Variable Auto-transformer, produces output from 0Vac to 270Vac. Does not provide isolation from mains, Use with caution!
Mains Quick Tester Quicktest.jpg Quick connection & isolation tester for mains power. Do not exceed 10A load. Has a 40% duty cycle above 5A - 4 minutes on, 6 minutes off. Below 5A, 100% duty cycle.
Mains Multi-Meter Mains meter.jpg In-line multimeter for Mains AC use. Measures Volts, Amps, Watts, Power Factor, Frequency and KWh. Fused at 10A. Useful with the Variac and Quick Tester.
East Tester ET5410 400W Electronic Load Eload.jpg 400W programmable electronic load
Solder Paste Dispenser Solderpump.jpg Air-powered solder paste dispenser
Seaward PrimeTest-100 Pattest.jpg PAT (Portable Appliance Tester) for checking the safety of mains equipment
LCR Meter LCRtest.jpg Accurate measurement of inductors and capacitors
Tachometer Tachometer.jpg Measuring rotational speed of motors, shafts etc
Chip programmer/tester Universalprogrammer.jpg Universal programmer and tester for EPROMs, logic chips, memory, etc
Clamp Meter Clampmeter.jpg Measuring AC currents up to 400A without having to break into a circuit
100W gun-type soldering iron 100wsolderingiron.jpg Heavy soldering jobs involving larger gauge wire or PCB ground planes


We keep a small number of stock consumable items, including :

  • Solder
  • Desoldering braid
  • Flux pens
  • Hookup wire
  • Contact cleaner
  • Oil (silicone and mineral)
  • Heatshrink (plain and adhesive lined)
  • Crimp connectors
  • Electrical tape, Kapton tape, Aluminium tape
  • Label tapes
  • Hot gun and glueguns
  • Spare PSUs and chargers
  • Mains plugs
  • Random selection of uProcessor dev kits
  • Thermal Paste

Planned Upgrades

Parts and upgrades that are planned/Budgeted/Purchased for in the near future