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Small Tools


The small tools available in the Main Workshop at rLab. This list is not complete (and probably never will be) but gives a good idea of the range and type of tools we have available for use.

Please feel free to use tools in the workshop or elsewhere in rLab, but always return things to their original location.


Main Workshop PPE

We maintain supplies of the basic PPE required to operate safely in the lab, including eye protection, ear protection and gloves. Specialist tools, such as the welders have their own dedicated PPE provided.

Members are free to biring their own PPE equipment in, however it is their responsibility to ensure that it is suitable for the task.

Any missing or damaged PPE should be reported immediately to the mailing list or the directors so it can be replaced.

Please do not use any tools that require PPE if it is lost or damaged.


None of the tools listed here require induction before they can be used.

Please post on the rLab Google Group if you want help in learning how to use any of the tools or advice on how to approach a particular problem.

Tools live in various places around the Main Workshop. Many tools are on open display; a rough default location is given with each tool.

If you find any of the tools missing, broken or in a suspect state, please post on the rLab Google Group to let people know.

Tool Name Photo Description Location
Ryobi Drill Ryobi drills.jpg Cordless power drill Rack on North Wall
Ryobi Right-angled Drill RyobiRAdrill.jpg Right-angled Drill Rack on North Wall
Ryobi Circular Saw Ryobi circ saw.jpg Cordless circular saw Rack on North Wall
Ryobi Torch Ryobi light.jpg Battery light Rack on North Wall
Ryobi Chargers and Batteries Ryobi batteries.jpg Power for the Ryobi One Plus tools. Please put batteries back on charge after use. Rack on North Wall
Ryobi Impact Driver Ryobi impact driver.jpg Cordless impact driver Rack on North Wall
Ryobi Jigsaw Ryobi jigsaw.jpg Cordless jigsaw Rack on North Wall
Ryobi Vacuum Cleaner Ryobi vacuum.jpg Cordless vacuum cleaner Rack on North Wall
Hot Wire cutter Thermocut650.jpg Thermocut 650 hand-held hot wire cutter On top of Ryobi Rack on North wall
Screwdrivers Screwdrivers.jpg A range of slotted, Philips and Pozi screwdrivers West Wall
Files Lab files.jpg Assorted hand files plus file-cards to clean them West Wall & Metal Table, Drawer F1B
Spanners and wrenches Lab spanners.jpg Assorted spanners and adjustable spanners West Wall
Hand Saws Hand saws.jpg Hand saws, Tenon saws, Coping saws and Hacksaws West Wall
Hammers Hammers.jpg Hammers and Mallets West Wall
Wood Chisels Wood chisels.jpg A range of chisels suitable for woodworking West Wall
Angle Grinders Lab Grinders.jpg 4.5" and 9" Angle grinders with a selection of cutting and grinding discs Side of Metal table
Clamps Lab clamps.jpg Assorted types and sizes of clamps East Wall
Drills Drills.jpg A selection of wood, masonry and HSS metal drills. Mostly metric sizes North Wall workbench, under the Ryobi tools rack
Taps and Dies Taps dies.jpg Mostly metric taps and dies, with tap handles and die holders. We have a number of boxes of taps & dies North Wall workbench
Workshop Tools Tool set.jpg A set of workshop tools, including sockets, screwdrivers and allen keys Red case on top of the chemical cupboard
Circlip Pliers Circlip pliers.jpg Internal and external circlip pliers North Wall
Bicycle Tools Bike tools.jpg A set of common bicycle maintenance tools Wood drawers, West Wall
Random orbital sander Erbaur sander.jpg Random orbital sander, takes hook&loops pads On top of wooden drawers by drill press
Mouse sander Mouse sander.jpg Mouse sander, takes hook&loops pads On top of wooden drawers by drill press
HVLP Paint sprayer Paint sprayer.jpg High-Volume Low-pressure air paint spray system. Outdoor use only, and don't leave mess in the carpark! On top of wooden drawers by drill press
Sheet Metal Tools Sheet metal tools.jpg Hand riveter and other sheet metal tools Metal table, drawer F1A
Socket Sets Socket tools.jpg Assorted sockets, ratchets and extension bars Metal table, drawer F2A
Bearing Puller Socket puller.jpg Puller tool for removing bearings, pulley, etc Metal table, drawer F2A
Drill Accessories Drill accessories.jpg Sanding pads and other drill accessories Metal table, drawer F1B
Mains Drills Mains drills.jpg Mains Drills Metal table, drawer F2B
Painting Equipment Lab painting.jpg Paint brushes and other accessories Metal table, drawer F1C
Rotary Tools Rotary tools.jpg Dremel-style rotary tools and accessories Metal table, drawer F2C
Hot Tools Heat tools.jpg Hot air gun and small propane torch Metal table, drawer B1A
Mains Saws & Planer Mains saws.jpg Circular saw, Jigsaw and Planer Metal table, drawer B2A
Mains Woodwork Tools Mains woodtools.jpg Stapler, Drum Sander & Vibrocutter Metal table, drawer B2B
Arbor Press Arbor press.jpg Arbor press Under metal table on north wall
Pipe Bender Pipe bender.jpg Pipe and conduit bender. User manual. Under metal table on north wall
Pyramid Roller Pyramid roller.jpg Sheet metal roller, now uses M2.5 Z13 gears Under metal table on north wall


Lubricants, glues, and other common consumables
Nuts, Bolts and Screws

We keep a small number of stock consumable items, including :

  • Lubricants
  • Thread Locker
  • Cutting Compound
  • Duct Tape
  • PTFE Tape
  • Abrasive sheets, belts and pads
  • Selection of woodscrews, most 3-6mm diameter (contents will vary)
  • Selection of nuts, bolts and washers, mostly M3 to M8 (contents will vary)
  • Scrap wood and metal

Please do not rely on the lab having a particular item in stock for a project. Use of small amounts of consumables and scrap materials is free but if you're using more than a small amount then please make a suitable donation to the downstairs honesty box. We'll only keep supplies in stock to long as there's money being donated to cover them. If you use up the last of something then either replace it or report it.