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When a new tool is added to the space a page should be created for it on the Wiki as "tools/<toolshortname>" and added to the main page listing of tools. The tool page should as a minimum include

A good tool page MUST include A good tool page optionally could also have
  • The full name of the tool
  • A picture of it
  • Information about where it's kept if it's not immediately obvious
  • Description of what it does
  • Category tag for tools [[Category:tools]]
  • Add the tool page to the main tools table on the main page
  • If it requires induction then
    • A note saying it requires induction!
    • A link to it's induction page in the format "tools/<toolshortname>/induction"
  • If it doesn't require induction then any important and non-obvious safety information should be on the tools page and ideally there should be a "knowledgeable users" section listing people who are willing to provide assistance with the tool
  • Details of things that can be done with it
  • Link to any workshops that feature it heavily
  • Either a copy of the manual (if we can legally host it) or a link to it (if we can't)
  • Details of who provides inductions and who maintains the tool
  • If you have nice images of the tool in use, then an image gallery

Data matrix

What tools pages are missing what?

Tool Full name and model number Picture Location Description Safety info or Induction tags Manual inductors/maintainers Image gallery Attention tag removed
Example Example Example
Example Example Example
Example Example Example